Bentley Mulls Armored Car Division

Bentley Mulls Armored Car Division

Demand for armored luxury vehicles is generally accommodated by aftermarket tuners and niche manufacturers, but now Bentley is considering bringing an armoring service in-house.

Customers in emerging markets like South America, the Middle East and Russia have driven demand for these vehicles.

“We are growing in more and more markets there. For these markets, security is an issue. We are looking at the business case of doing armoured cars,” said Bentley’s finance chief, Jan-Henrik Lafrentz.

Jaguar and Land Rover both offer armored version of their cars in these markets, making the move for Bentley seem easily accomplished.

Bentley is also trying to step up sales in the coming years, aiming to sell 15,000 vehicles per year. And considering eight out of ten Bentleys are sold outside of England, it seems that there is probably a solid market for these cars.