BMW 3 Series GT Preparing for Paris Debut – Spy Photos

BMW 3 Series GT Preparing for Paris Debut – Spy Photos

Set for a debut at the Paris Auto Show at the end of September, the BMW 3 Series GT has been caught again by our spy photographers, wearing less camo than ever before. 

Taking design cues from the BMW X6, the 3 Series GT sports a slanted rear roof line and hatchback on the rear end. It sits on an extended version of the regular 3 Series, offering rear seat passengers more legroom and a raised seating position. Borrowed from the 5 Series GT, the hatchback rear end features a bi-modal option, letting you open either a small trunk, or the full hatchback.

Engine choices should all be the same as the standard 3 Series, offering a pair of turbocharged four and six cylinder units.

Availability in North America is still questionable, especially after the announcement that the 3 Series Wagon is destined for our shores.

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