BMW 3 Series Start-Stop Recalibration Available

BMW 3 Series Start-Stop Recalibration Available
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Drivers who find the engine start-stop feature new for the 2012 BMW 3 Series annoying can take their car to a dealership and have the default setting switched to “off” according to the company.

In an effort to save fuel, BMW downsized to a turbocharged 2.0-liter four cylinder in its entry-level 328i this year and added engine start-stop technology to all 3 Series models. But it that seems some drivers find the technology to be too obtrusive and prefer to turn it off. Unfortunately, doing so only means the feature is disabled during that drive. It defaults to being turned on fur the next trip, which some people find annoying.

Now, BMW is offering customers the option to bring their cars into the dealer for recalibration so the opposite is true, leaving the system switched off unless otherwise engaged. The option is called the “last user mode” and is standard on all BMW M models.

That mode offers a greater degree of freedom for the driver, who will now find the car remaining in whichever mode the car was left in during the previous trip. That means the start-stop function will be switched on if it was active when the driver turned the car off as well.

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  • 85ZingoGTR

    Its that this stupid feature should be as default in the off position PERIOD no matter what car company uses it. I find it hard to believe that virtually every car company using this technology has it set up to come on every single time you start the car as if they are obligating you to use it. I pay $58000 for a car to give me orders when I can spend a $100 to find a girl to be a future wife to nag me instead. 

    My problem with this system is that the companies see it as fuel saving technology. I see it as “replace your starter motor in 5 years” technology so that’s why I want it off all the time. Every car that uses this should have it in “last user mode”. I can understand stability control coming on each time the car is turned on as it is a safety feature but not this stupid program. It makes me think that maybe its purposely set up to come on all the time that way you do wear your starter quicker and they can make extra money off of that.

  • Rogeranne

    It’s also annoying/distracting to the driver next to you…what a dumb idea.