BMW Suing Saab Automobile Parts for $3.2 Million

BMW Suing Saab Automobile Parts for $3.2 Million

Saab may be bankrupt, but that isn’t stopping BMW from suing its Saab Automobile Parts division for $3.2 million plus interest for unpaid deliveries.

The German automaker is claiming that Saab Automobile Parts, a former unit of the now bankrupt Saab Automobile, received a large number of spare parts and components that were never paid for. These parts and components were part of an agreement that BMW and Saab entered back in September 2010. The purchase, supply, and development agreement was for the four-cylinder powerplant, its components, and spare parts, that was to power the Saab 9-3 model.

The lawsuit contends that Saab Automobile Parts is responsible for the unpaid deliveries now that Saab Automobile is bankrupt. Of course, Saab Automobile Parts believes that it shouldn’t be responsible for the parts, going even so far as to saying it has never received them.

“Saab Automobile Parts AB have not ordered or received any spare parts or components from BMW,” said Lennart Stahl, Chief Executive of Saab Automobile Parts AB. “Why would a spare part company order components for a car model that’s not yet in production?”

[Source: Fox Business]