Chevrolet Volt Sales Break Record but Still Stink

Chevrolet Volt Sales Break Record but Still Stink

Pathetic. That’s the only way these numbers could be described were this about any other car, and to a certain extent they still are.

Nonetheless, the Chevrolet Volt is already in position to break its all-time monthly sales record. GM says it already moved more than 2,500 units out of the barn this month, which bests the old record by at least 500 cars.

Sad as those numbers might seem, it’s important to look at the competition. Through July, there had been 10,666 Volts sold. While it’s not really a fair side- by-side because of the Chevrolet’s gas engine, the Nissan Leaf only managed to move 3,543 of its ranks.

Ultimately, that has to raise questions about whether or not EVs are actually starting to catch on. Sure, the sales numbers are growing, but is it enough?

Probably not when you consider that GM is said to be stopping production for a full month to make up for swollen inventory and poor demand. But things might not be all bleak for the Volt and others like it.

The Obama administration just mandated every automaker to have an average 54.5 mpg by 2025 which could stand to offer the Volt and cars like it a whole new popularity.

[Source: Detroit Free Press]

  • Obermd

    If the Volt were $10,000 less it would probably be selling like hotcakes.

  • Chevrolet Volt Sales Break Record but Still Stink


  • Seriously?  This is journalism?  Could this writer be any worse???

    The Volt is NOT going to sell in massive numbers like a Cruze.  For now, it is definitely a lower production vehicle.  But compared to primarily gas guzzling hybrids, it is selling really well.  It is the number one selling American made and owned hybrid, beating out cars like the Honda Civic Hybrid and Honda Insight for example, and has obviously wiped the floor of all other electric vehicles.  The Volt has been a solid month to month gainer since March, which almost no other car out there has going for it.  The car just needs to be a game changer, expose people to electric drive, and offer an excellent experience for its drivers.  It does all of that. 

    This ‘writer’ obviously doesn’t like electric cars.  He likely just has sour grapes now that the car that he likely doomed to failure is starting to do so well.

  • To first poster…

    Really? Outselling foreign hybrids? They have been on sale far longer than that crap volt. Where do you think all the Asian cars are made? Hell, most GM products are made in CANADA.

  • Below my first post…

    I meant the poster below me. Not first poster.

  • I don’t even begin to understand what point you are making.  I am obviously comparing 2012 sales data, not total sales for the history of a production.  My point is that Volt is already outselling just about every hybrid (except the Prius and Camry hybrid, really) that exists in its first year of nationwide sales.

    And the Volt is made in the U.S.  The batterys and cells are made in the U.S.

  • Not sure what lies ahead for the Volt, but I will say that I absolutely love mine.  The money I save more then covers my lease payment and the performance, handling, and ride quality are second to none. It feels like a entry Lux car. And more importantly, I despise OPEC and the oil companies who are making record profits off us. I’m averaging 600 MPG.

  • bedrockq

    Whoever wrote this article is a stinking idiot.  That’s the only way to describe it.  Trying to put pig on lipstick.

  • Ironic_hipster2000

    It does in Colorado. Gov’t subsidizes it there by a huge margin. Doubles federal refunds. Booyah!

  • Diesel_TruckGuy

    Can you say bias? I’ve seen this guy write glowing things about electric cars. Not that you would care given that you’re promoting your own page and piggybacking off this site… And yes, I think this qualifies as journalism. You might be pissed off that Chevrolet can’t sell the Volts it already made, but it doesn’t mean it isn’t true. 

    This story pointed out that the Volt is outselling the Leaf or as you say – wiping the floor with them. 

  • I will be glad when the election is over, then we can stop having biased reviewers tell us that selling a 100 high end cars a day at $40k a pop is somehow a failure… just because they think it will somehow help thier guy explain away why he wanted to kill GM.

    On the plus at least this one didnt try making up facts…. Oops, there it is , the reason for the latest pause in the volt production line quoted by this blogger is not the reason given by GM. But hey, why let reality get in the way of a good story?

  • Until EV can achieve 200 miles on a charge, the volt seems a good compromise of pure EV and high-breed.  Personally, I like the simplicity of the Nissan leaf without a combustion engine and all the servicing that entails.  EV has very little maintenance and is the way to go.   Big drawback to EV is Li-on battery cost and low range.  Also lithium is just plain nasty and a highly reactive element to the environment.  There is still room for something even cleaner.