Chevy Volt European Ads Banned for Misleading Claim

Chevy Volt European Ads Banned for Misleading Claim

The distinction between a hybrid and a range-extended hybrid is still confusing to some people, and GM’s European branch, Vauxhall, is getting in some hot water after misleading people in ads for the Ampera, sister car to the Volt.

The commercial talks about the vehicle being electrically driven, but neglects to mention the small gasoline engine which pumps juice back into the electric motors. Technically, a range extended hybrid is powered by electricity at all times, but there is a gasoline engine to charge the batteries when they run out of juice.

Near the end of the spot, text flashes across the screen claiming a “360-mile range,” which is the part the Advertising Standards Authority had an issue with.

“We considered that throughout the ad the emphasis was on the fact that the car was being driven electrically, and that most viewers would not understand that the car was in some circumstances being powered by electricity generated with a petrol engine,” said the organization.

The commercial has now been banned from European television, and will probably be fixed by the company.

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