Chrysler Pentastar V6 Subject to Cylinder Head Failure

Chrysler Pentastar V6 Subject to Cylinder Head Failure

A small portion of Chrysler’s one-size-fits-all Pentastar V6 engines are reported to have faulty cylinder heads, which are being replaced by the automaker under warranty. 

Inconvenient as having a problem like that would normally be, the issue was further aggravated by the fact that Chrysler was unprepared to fix the affected engines. Consequently, some drivers have been stuck in rental cars for weeks. Reports suggest that some 1,300 cars were sititng at dealerships awaiting service in July.

“The biggest mistake we made is taking our eye off the ball on service parts,” said Doug Betts, Chrysler senior vice president for quality. “That always gets the dealers’ attention. Our intention is to always satisfy the needs of the service market ahead of production. This came to my attention a couple weeks ago. We have parts in the pipeline to remedy that shortfall.”

Now, sources close to Automotive News say the company “flooded” its system with replacement parts to eliminate some 1,300 service requests. But that’s far from enough to quell the rapidly rising demand. If Chrysler’s figures are accurate, one percent of all Pentastar 3.6-liter V6 engines are affected, which would translate to 7,500 units, though Betts said more could surface.

Moving forward, the company says it has implemented the newly-redesigned cylinder heads in newly-assembled engines, but that won’t keep the already-existing units from needing service. While the fix will be annoying, owners can take comfort in the fact that Chrysler is fixing the issue under warranty at no cost to consumers.

Chrysler won’t explain the problem fully at the moment, but complaints filed with NHTSA report a ticking sound from the engine’s left side with stalling, loss of power or misfires coming from cylinder number two.

Already an extensively-used engine in the Chrysler line, fixing the Pentastar’s problems with minimal hiccups will be essential for future sales success. If buyers get the idea that the powerplant is unreliable, it will be a black mark on every V6-powered vehicle bearing not only the Chrysler badge, but all of its subsidiaries.

[Source: Automotive News]

  • Sdepuy6192

    Wow, this is going to hurt Chrysler. Hopefully the rest of the engine won’t suffer problems that haven’t surfaced so far (or have they?)

  • Luis Castillo

    Just took mine to the dealer in Temecula CA this morning for this issue. I am not happy because they are not offering me a rental car for the 3 days it will take for the repairs!!!! The car is 10 months old and can’t believe we have this problem!

    Funny thing is, I was totally against purchasing a Chrysler because of the quality. My Wife said said the quality of the brand has improved and she wanted to try something other than Honda.


  • chillsc

    I took my 2011 dodge charger with 32,000 miles on it about a month ago to get the ticking sound fixed, what they did was suspossedly replaced the head assembly,the left side intake and exhaust camshafts and the tappets also.When I picked the car up,it had the same problem as when I bought it in.I complained to the service manager that the problem still existed and he told me that the tappets had to have time to seat themselves so I would still hear some ticking so I would have to drive the car for awhile.Well,its been a month and 1100 miles later,and the ticking sound is still there and seems to be getting worse,I’ll be taking the car back for service next’s very embarassing having a nice clean car and people coming up to you saying you may need to check your oil because it sounds like you might need some.I kinda hate hate I purchased a dodge product,I should have stuck with Cadillac,that was the last 2 autos that I owned.A 2000 eldorado and a 2007 sts4.

  • Michelle

    Mine just went out yesterday…. hopefully fixed by Friday. Dealership did arrange for a rental and they are being very nice about it…. my only concenr is the light that came on can cover a loose gas cap to something this important, with no way for the driver to know. Also, I always worry about how much damage was done, before the light came on …. 

  • Twilmsen

    Headin to the shop tomorrow with eng lite on. 2012 Sahara 19k miles. runs rough, Loss of power and tick tick tick…..

    Don’t let the dealer insult your intelligence saying they had to do an update to the computer because you will be back. Make your appointment, refer to articles like this forum and be sure to let hem know you are not happy with a $40k vehicle failure like this.

  • Gblaufuss

    Just took mine in last week tried the update on the computer had to take it back in when light came right back on (2012 19,200 miles unlimited Wrangler) said they were going to put on a new head Cylinder #2 was only 115PSI the rest were around 160PSI now Jeep is having them dismantle the entire engine and sendin digital immaging back to Jeep to see If the real problem is further down in the engine. They will now figure out if they are going to replace the whole engine or just the head??? I am a lil pissed and my dealership knows this.

  • Eddie

    We  bought  a new  2013  RHD wrangler Out in IL. and  be on our way out  there on 3-31-13   Need this jeep for work. Do you or anyone else think there could be a problem with the head issue?  From what i have read the  the trouble should be fixed . I understand build dates after August 2012 should be fine.Thanks for any and all feed back.

  • Paul Reimer

    Bad Motor!! 2012 wrangler since new hesitates, stalled and squeals

  • 2012_Pentastar_Owner

    Its less than .01% of engines having failures. Be realistic

  • 2012 T&C owner

    I just returned from our local dealership. The light has been on as the computer sensed a misfire. We have not noticed a ticking or the misfire, so we’ll go back in a week or so when the part has arrived. However, the service manager stated that it was cylinder #6, not #2. I’m not sure of their numbering of the cylinders, so perhaps both cylinder heads need replaced. Yikes!

  • Jon Theiss

    I have a 2012 wrangler 27,000 miles. It has been a great ride, and today I got the engine light with code P0302 misfire cyl #2. I hope the fix is quick.

  • Bill Jones

    2012 dodge journey crew…17K miles, highway speeds(70)…need to overtake…go up to 75-80, white exhaust for 2 secs…is that a head gasket or intake manifold gskt? need confirmation. thank you!!!!

  • jason

    2/17/2013 just took my 2012( 21,000 miles on jeep) wrangler in for new head today .the engine lights been on for two months . been getting the runaround from service department for the last two months . hope their mechanic knows what he’s doing. any more problems with this issue will be handled from my lawyers office.