Coda ‘Grass Station’ Promotes EVs, Green Living

Coda ‘Grass Station’ Promotes EVs, Green Living

Tiny electric car manufacturer Coda needs all the press it can get. It’s cars rarely make it into the media and are part of a market segment that struggles on a good day, yet in spite of that it organized a cheerful publicity stunt – the “grass station.”

The video offers a breakdown of how many gas stations there are in the U.S., how much space they cover and what that’s comparably equal to. In an effort to turn what people think about gas stations on its head, the company spent a little over seven hours transforming a gas station into a grassy oasis with farm animals, a badminton net and more. It ends by asking “what if you never had to visit a gas station again?”

With little media coverage, Coda has been flying under the radar recently. Three months ago, it announced its first successful fleet sale, which went to AEP Ohio, a division of American Electric Power.

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