Dartz Nagel Dakkar Luxury Off Road SUV Previewed

Dartz Nagel Dakkar Luxury Off Road SUV Previewed

Dartz, the Russian vehicle maker that specializes in armored SUVs, released a teaser of what its working on next: the Nagel Dakkar, named after the famous Russian driver Andrew Nagel.

The Nagel Dakkar is in its very early stages of design, with sketches released from Dartz designer Alex Isaev, and German designer Pochwatta. Believe it or not, Dartz is considering building the vehicle with different bodies, this way its customers have a choice. The Nagel Dakkar will see a very limited production run with the Russian automaker expecting to make just 10 units next year, while 2014 will see double the production at 20. It hopes by 2015 that it’ll be able to produce 40 vehicles per year until 2017.

Under the hood of the luxury SUV will be a Mercedes-Benz 5.5-liter, V8 bi-turbo with 650-hp and 626 lb-ft of torque. The powerplant will be mated to a seven-speed transmission while the vehicle itself will be built on a titanium tubular frame chassis. To keep the SUV extremely light, an abundance of carbon kevlar will be used on the chassis.

As for pricing? Dartz released a generous range of $390,000 to $468,000, though it’s unclear what the extra $78,000 or so nets you. We’re guessing there will be a plethora of options for the owners to choose from once the specialty automaker is ready to produce.


    “…though it’s unclear what the extra $78,000 or so nets you.”  shouldn’t it be gets you? #justsaying lol but it must be a beast on the road.. lightweight + 650HP and 626lb-ft = BEAST. Only if I had a spare 400Grand laying around