Electric Car Revolution: 10 Future EVs

Electric Car Revolution: 10 Future EVs

Infiniti LE

At the New York Auto show earlier this year, Infiniti showed off its LE electric car concept. However, Infiniti made sure to point out that this is a production intent concept, meaning that what was on show will be close to the actual version that’s expected to hit in two years. Not only does the Infiniti LE look great, but it packs some interesting and unique EV technology.

For starters, the LE Concept puts its batteries under the passenger compartment floor, which is aimed to improve the car’s center of gravity for enhanced handling and maximize trunk room. Additionally the LE’s 100 kW synchronous electric motor is rated at 134 horsepower and makes 240 lb-ft of torque, some numbers that put it up at the top of its class.

Finally, the Infiniti LE Concept is planning on using an advanced wireless charging station which will  use an inductive energy flow to charge the car. Infiniti insists that the technology is safe for kids and pets, and can be safely installed in a garage. To help, Infiniti says that the car will be equipped with a smart parking assist technology, that will maneuver the car into the correct place to charge. It’s all impressive stuff, and while EVs are hoping you’ll stop pumping gas, the Infiniti LE is trying to help you to stop plugging your car in too.


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