Electric Car Revolution: 10 Future EVs

Electric Car Revolution: 10 Future EVs

Ford C-MAX

Ford’s C-MAX will be coming to North America in two very distinct versions. The C-MAX hybrid will be using a traditional gas-electric powertrain, but perhaps the more interesting model will be the C-MAX Energi, which uses a plug-in hybrid technology.

“We project C-MAX Energi will have 20+ miles of “pure” electric-only range,” says Wesley Sherwood, from Ford’s Electrified Vehicles Communications team. That means that it’ll have about triple the range of the Prius Plug-in.

Thanks to Ford’s new powersplit technology, the C-MAX energy will also be able to go on pure-electric mode at faster speeds than any other plug-in hybrid.

When the batteries are depleted, the C-MAX’s frugal 2.0L engine kicks in, allowing the car to travel up to 550 miles on a single charge and tank.

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