Electric Car Revolution: 10 Future EVs

Electric Car Revolution: 10 Future EVs

Honda Fit EV

The cheap and practical Honda Fit, might be losing a bit of its best elements by going the electric route. Like a other EVs out there, it won’t even be available for purchase, meaning you’ll have to lease it on Honda’s terms if you want to get on the EV bandwagon.

Even so, the Fit still plays a solid role in the EV world. A charging time of less than 3-hours makes the Fit charge up faster than almost all of its competition. Thanks to a 20-kWh lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery, the Fit can drive up to 82 miles, besting its biggest rival, the Mitsubishi i-MiEV by 20 miles per charge.

Furthermore, the Honda Fit EV will try to emulate the characteristics of its fun-to-drive gas-powered brother, with a 123-hp and 188 lb-ft electric motor.

The Honda Fit EV is available for lease at $389 a month for three years, and will reach California and Oregon this summer, and other states early next year. It’s also important to mention that the Fit EV will be limited to only 1,100 models.

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