Electric Car Revolution: 10 Future EVs

Electric Car Revolution: 10 Future EVs

Tesla Model X

While Tesla releases the Model S sedan this year, it will be late next year when they start production of its new family-friendly Model X. Just like the Model S, the Model X will be available with a variety battery sizes and drive-trains which will affect both range and the price tag.

As with other electric vehicles from Tesla, the Model X will be quite fast from a standstill, apparently making the sprint to 60 mph in less than 5 seconds. Of course, this is thanks to an available all-wheel drive system. Even with the all-wheel drivetrain, the Model X is expected to only lose about 10% of its range, in comparison to the Model S.

Making the Model X stand out even more is its ‘falcon’ wings, which allow rear-seat passengers easy access into the car.

Pricing and official range numbers are still not available, but expect more details next year.