F-150 Hybrid Planned as Joint Ford-Toyota Project

F-150 Hybrid Planned as Joint Ford-Toyota Project

Toyota and Ford began a partnership last year to develop a hybrid system for trucks and SUVs, and according to a “high ranking Ford engineer” the goal is a Ford F-150 hybrid.

“The nut we’re trying to crack is how do we do an F-150 hybrid,” an unnamed Ford engineer told Ward’s Auto. The new truck would compete against GM’s Chevrolet Silvervado and GMC Sierra hybrid trucks.

The partnership deal signed between Ford and Toyota last year is generally focused on developing a hybrid system that would work on rear-wheel drive trucks and SUVs. The system would be designed to excel at towing while maximizing fuel economy. Toyota and Ford would tune the hybrid technology to their individual vehicles like the F-150, Tundra, Ford Expedition, Lincoln Navigator and/or Toyota Sequoia.

Towing is however a major obstacle to overcome. According to Kevin Layden,  who is Ford’s Director of electrification and engineering “Everyone wants to tow with a truck, and that’s a duty cycle that really taxes the battery and electric motor.” He added, “We have to figure out how you maximize that and still get the fuel economy.”

Towing is indeed a concern, as the F-150 Ecoboost can tow 11,300 lbs but the Silverado Hybrid can only handle 6,100 lbs. In comparison, BMW’s X6 crossover coupe can tow 500lbs more at 6600lbs. It seems that the “tow bar” is quite low for hybrid trucks.

[Source: Ward’s Auto]