Fiat 500 ‘Color Therapy’ Trim Goes Retro

Fiat 500 ‘Color Therapy’ Trim Goes Retro

Fiat is taking the 500 back to its roots, announcing a new trim level called ‘color therapy,’ which incorporates five new paint colors meant to give the car some retro style. 

The trim line sits between the Fiat Pop, and Lounge and includes air conditioning, special paint, white mirror covers, white wheel covers, a ‘poolball’ design gear knob and specific key cover as standard equipment. The five new color shades available are: New Age Cream, Countrypolitan Yellow, Pasodoble Red, Volare Blue, and Tech House Grey.

Keeping with the theme, advertisements have been launched using 70’s cliche tag lines such as ‘Ace’, ‘You Dig?’, and ‘Far Out’, together with the title ‘500 in 70s Colors’. Color Therapy will be available on both coupe and convertible versions of the car and can be had with either the 0.9-litre TwinAir or 1.2-liter engines, though for the time being the package will only be sold in the U.K.

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