Fisker Karma Fires Addressed by Automaker

Fisker Karma Fires Addressed by Automaker

After reports of two Fisker Karma sedans spontaneously combusting, the brand has issued a statement regarding the fires. 

Back in December, Fisker recalled the Karma for a fire risk, but it doesn’t look like the fix was enough, as a Karma caught fire last Friday in Woodside, Calif. That Karma is now under investigation in an attempt to find out exactly what started the blaze. An investigation by NHTSA has also been launched looking in to the problem.

“Evidence revealed thus far supports the fact that the ignition source was not the Lithium-ion battery pack, new technology components or unique exhaust routing. The area of origin for the fire was determined to be outside the engine compartment. There was no damage to the passenger compartment and there were no injuries,” Fisker said.

After the first fire, Fisker concluded that the lithium-ion battery technology wasn’t responsible for the problem, but the company still doesn’t know exactly what is.

“Continued investigative efforts will be primarily focused within the specific area of origin, located forward of the driver’s side front tire. Further details will be announced after a full report is completed,” the statement finished.