Florida Political Commercial Attacks Autonomous Cars

Florida Political Commercial Attacks Autonomous Cars

Autonomous cars are instruments of the Devil and they need to be kept off the road. They commit wicked acts like driving blind people on errands. 

We should all vote against any politician short-sighted enough to support mobility for the disabled or at least that’s along the lines of what a new political attack ad from Florida is suggesting. Paid for by the Committee to Protect Florida, the ridiculous ad shows the evil autonomous car cutting off an older pedestrian using a walker while running through a stop sign.

As the lambasting continues, an audio clip of Jeff Brandes saying he had to convince the senate autonomous cars  aren’t witchcraft. Loopy political ads are nothing new and rarely more than fodder for late night acts like The Daily Show and The Colbert Report where the hosts take pot shots at foolish mudslinging, but this one does that all by itself. Despite being made to look like a “driverless car,” there isn’t even a passenger in the clip below.

Funniest of all, the car is missing the sensors found on legitimately autonomous vehicles. The truth is that ads like this are meant to scare elderly voters into opposing driverless vehicles despite the fact that they make up the demographic that would likely benefit most.

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  • GreatTVdude

    This is pathetic!  Shame on them for lying to people.  I will be sure Jeff Brandes gets the vote of everyone I know.  If this is the campaign Jim Frishe has running for him, regardless if he is behind it or not, what does this say about Florida’s future if we vote for him?  Are we going to keep Florida from moving forward over false scare tactics?  I hope this group loses every cent they were given, closes up shop, and is never heard from again.  Liars do not deserve to run our state.

    If you’re elderly and see this ad, know that it is not the truth.  Do you really want to elect a liar?  Vote for Jeff Brandes and you won’t have to walk across that street because you can be in the car that is driving you.  This technology can make your life so much easier.