Ford C-Max Previews Fusion Hybrid Powertrain and Tech

Ford C-Max Previews Fusion Hybrid Powertrain and Tech

Ford is going all out with its electrification strategy, and two of the newest vehicles to feature the latest hybrid technology are the Ford C-Max and Ford Fusion. 

At a Ford Event in West Hollywood, it was confirmed that the powertrain in the C-Max Hybrid is the same as what will be found in the upcoming Fusion Hybrid. The two cars share the same 2.0L four-cylinder engine, electric motor, and lithium-ion battery packs.

The C-Max total system power comes in at 188-hp, but expect the hybrid powertrain in the Fusion to get a different tune to keep the power competitive with the Toyota Camry Hybrid and Hyundai Sonata Hybrid, which both boast a total system output around 200-hp.

The C-Max is Ford’s first vehicle that is offered only with a hybrid powertrain, and is meant to compete directly against the Toyota Prius v.  With an EPA rated range of 570 miles, and a rating of 47 mpg city and highway, the C-Max is certainly making a name for itself as a fuel-efficient, yet versatile vehicle.

The C-Max is also debuting new technology designed to take the driver further on a single tank. Expect these to also appear on the Fusion. For example, the new SmartGauge with EcoGuide tech, which helps teach the driver how to earn the best mpg. Another important technology thats designed to help with fuel economy is the ECO Cruise Control, which will let the car use its momentum to carry up a hill, before turning on the gas motors. Finally, both the C-Max and Fusion will be available as Plug-in Hybrids as well.

Ford also showed off the myFordmobile app which will allow drivers of these vehicles to engage with one another on an online discussion, and leaderboard, with the drivers who go the furthest on a single tank sitting on top. Ford even explained that there will be a video-game-like achievement system where owners get badges for accomplishing certain eco-friendly tasks with their vehicle.

Expect a Ford C-Max review in the near future.

  • prius not making the list but prius c? or prius is too dominant?