Ford Celebrates 350 Millionth Vehicle Produced

Ford Celebrates 350 Millionth Vehicle Produced

A Ford Focus rolled off of the assembly line in Rayong, Thailand today, officially claiming the title of the 350 millionth vehicle produced by the Ford Motor Company.

Originally incorporated as a company on June 16, 1903, Ford has been building cars now for 109 years. If you break it down, that means that one vehicle has been produced every 10 seconds by Ford for the entire lifespan of the company.

Moving forward, Ford has plans for expansion and growth with it’s ‘One Ford’ plan. The American company wants all of its vehicles to be available globally with the same design, to represent that Ford is a worldwide brand. The Focus is the first product to move ahead with the one Ford plan, and is set for success according to Ford.

“The Focus is such an important product for us, producing it all-around the world, the first of all one-Ford vehicles that we’ve leveraged and in 2012, to show you the progress we’re making, it’ll be the best-selling vehicle in the world,” said John Fleming, executive vice president of global manufacturing.

Expansion into China, Asia, and Africa are next on the docket for Ford. “Well I have to think you have to look at where we’re expanding capacity. Our expectation is that 60% of the world’s growth between now and 2020 is going to be in Asia Pacific and Africa. So that’s where we’re building plants. We’re building 9-new plants for assembly and for powertrain, just in that region,” said Fleming.

GALLERY: 350 Millionth Ford Focus