Ford Expedition, Lincoln Navigator get EcoBoost Engines

Ford Expedition, Lincoln Navigator get EcoBoost Engines

Gearing up for a redesign, both the Ford Expedition and Lincoln Navigator are going to be adding EcoBoost V6 engines to the lineup. 

The redesigned Expedition should bow in 2013 as a 2014 model, with new styling as well as the new engine option. And if the F-150 is any indicator, the Expedition will also likely be going on a diet in its newest form, with weight savings helping to cut down on fuel consumption. The 3.5-liter EcoBoost will likely keep its power output at the standard 365 hp and 420 lb-ft of torque, sourced directly from the F-150.

Lincoln will refresh the Navigator one year later in 2014, and it should hit the market by 2015. Again, expect weight loss and the turbocharged EcoBoost to give the SUV some improved fuel economy. Lincoln has said that the Navigator will however retain its size, and is almost positively going to remain a body-on-frame setup.

  • Carl D. Ohlman

    Why is it that the Navigator a big SUV gets EcoBoost and continues to thrive yet the Town Car is dead, replaced with that stupid cute-ute! This engine would have given the Town Car phenomenal fuel economy for a traditional size fullsize car!  The Town Car was an American Icon it only weighed 4300Lbs the Navigator weights 5800+ it’s obvious which vehicle would be better on gas!
    The EPA and Environmentalists have long hated SUV’s yet all the “real fullsize cars” are dead and the SUV continues, it don’t make sense and it is not fair!  With modern power-trains, styling and fuel economy traditional fullsize cars would be viable again.
    I speak for all cars!

  • Kallark31

    FINALLY someone who makes sense!! LOL I thought I was the only one who felt the way you do Mr. Ohlman. I couldn’t agree with you more!

  • Guest

    That’s becuase SUV’s still have way more usable room than a full size car and are easier to get in and out of and get children and cargo in and out of. Long live the SUV!

  • Wildeservices

    I agree, I don’t live in a city I live in the Rock Mountains in Canada, I work in oil exploration and rescue for forest fire fighting. A full size SUV’s, for me are the only way to go. I also have a 5 person family, we travel a lot, the nearest village is 6 km away, a car can’t make it out of my driveway after the roads have been plowed of snow. The nearest town is 225 km through narrow winding mountain roads, when we travel back at night my kids are secure and comfortable. I still have 2 excursions, I wish they would make a new Excursion too. Cars don’t fit for every one as SUV’s don’t. For all the environmentalists and nay sayers, most of them live in big towns. Towns Cities are a major source of polution and ever encroach on the wilds and the country side. If you live in a city ride public transport and dump your car..

  • Anon

    Am still waiting for the Diesel Variant. North America has to catch up with the rest of the planet.

  • Mattg

    Not going to happen in the USA, the EPA has made that option very cost prohibitive.

  • Richard

    When exactly will the 2013 expedition get the Eco boost and will it be a 2014 model

  • Waschevyman

    Any news on this front?  Like when the Ecoboost Expedition might show up?

  • keepinmy78bronco

    Really its too bad both types of vehicles are being slowly eliminated in favor of egg like wuss mobiles that are called cross overs that claim to do everything but in fact do nothing well but make for big payments.  If manufacturers would listen, most real people dont need all of the pointless frills like “tailgate remote unlock ability” and want real vehicles with frames that last.  We dont need 450 hp either when the “old trucks” weve always had did everything we needed with 275 to 300hp.  With new technology, a little less power traded for MPG makes more sense.  Would love to buy a real SUV with solid axles, rear leaf springs a frame and a box like shape that will hold stuff that comes in boxes. 

  • Mike

    Does anybody know when FoMoCo will present  new Lincoln Navigator and Ford Navigator? In 2014 or  early?