Ford Mustang SCCA Race Teams Sit Out Mid-Ohio in Protest – Video

Ford Mustang SCCA Race Teams Sit Out Mid-Ohio in Protest – Video

At the recent Mid-Ohio SCCA World Challenge race, Ford Mustang Boss 302 race teams staged a protest against the series by parking all of their race cars in pit lane after the initial formation lap.

It was an unprecedented collective move by a number of race teams that run the Boss 302 ‘Stang in the series, who have been forced to run a restrictor to reduce the power of the Mustang. Now, SCCA World Challenge has a very difficult task in keeping things fair in the series, with so many makes and models competing, but the restrictor has been causing high engine temperatures for the Boss 302 teams resulting in not just overall poor performance but several reported engine failures.

All the Mustang teams feel as if the recent rule changes has severely handicapped their race cars, and the results speak for themselves. Even with some of the world’s finest drivers behind the wheel, the top finishing Mustang in Saturday’s race was 10th place. In fact, the fastest lap time was an astounding 1.4 seconds off the pace of the fastest running cars. This is hardly a scenario where all the Boss 302 teams are poor performers; there’s a clear disparity between the Mustang and all other race cars.

Six teams have reported engine issues due to elevated temperatures from running the restrictor, and unfortunately they felt that the only way to be heard was to protest at the recent event. Of course the GTS class was founded on the premise of offering drivers a place to race at an affordable price – and well, blowing up motors every weekend isn’t exactly affordable.

Watch a video of pro driver Justin Bell explaining the protest below.

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  • Sorry your in Ohio in the first place.

  • Limegreengt06

    That’s what happens when there is a conflict of interest by the rule makers in WC also having cars racing in the class!