Ford Sued for Patent Infringement on Fuel Injection Used in F-150

Ford Sued for Patent Infringement on Fuel Injection Used in F-150

TMC Fuel Injection System LLC has filed a lawsuit against Ford Motor Co., accusing the American automaker of infringing on a patent based on the fuel system design used in the F-150 models.

The patent was originally filed in 2002 and according to TMC, Ford allegedly began selling vehicles (including the F-150) which incorporated the patent’s design after the inventor was told by Ford that they had no interest in the technology.

Discussions between the inventor, Shou L. Hou, and Ford began back in 2004 and an attempt at licensing the technology failed in 2008 when the automaker claimed it was not interested in using the technology. TMC is currently seeking a halt to any infringement and seeking compensatory and triple damages.

The patent surrounding the lawsuit is based on a technology that increases the fuel injection dynamic range, helping address performance and fuel waste. The system can offer up to 35-percent in city fuel savings along with a performance boost option for acceleration.

[Source: Automotive News]

  • Gemgeek

    sounds like the whole intermittent windshield wiper fiasco. Ford has a bit of history with theft.


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