Get Your New Car Delivered to Your Home

Get Your New Car Delivered to Your Home

One of the worst parts of shopping for a new car is sitting at the dealership for hours on end, dealing with car sales people and finance managers. What few people know is that you can actually have your new car delivered to your home, expediting the process and making it convenient to you.

So how do you request that your new car be delivered to your home? Simple. While negotiating the final sale price of your vehicle with a salesperson over the phone or email, you mention that you won’t be able to go down there to close the deal until the weekend, but if they were to deliver the vehicle to your home right away, you’d buy it immediately. Often times if the dealership is close by, the salesperson will do anything it takes to sell you the car. And even if there’s a minimal fee ($75 or so) to deliver the vehicle to your home, it may be worth the hours saved sitting at the dealership with stale donuts.

Once the salesperson is there with the vehicle, you can do all the final checks before signing the paperwork from the convenience of your own home. You can even have your financing handled prior to the delivery to make it a very seamless and quick process. An in-home car delivery can take a mere 20 minutes, saving you plenty of time versus waiting at a dealership.

[Source: Edmunds]


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