Google Self Driving Cars Claim 300,000 Miles of Testing

Google Self Driving Cars Claim 300,000 Miles of Testing
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Google is adding the Lexus RX450h to its self-driving car lineup as it looks toward testing in different environments and terrains, pushing ahead with developing its technology.

The tech giant can claim over 300,000 miles on its self-driving vehicles about a dozen of which are on the road at any given time according to Google. Though Google has made significant progress in the last few years, it’s well aware that there’s a long way to go before the technology could make it in our hands.

Its next step in developing its autonomous car technology is to have its self-driving car team start using the cars solo, rather than in pairs. The most exciting news, though, is the addition of the technology to a Lexus hybrid SUV, as Google looks forward to testing on snow-covered roads and other tricky situations like temporary construction signals.

Of course the benefits of Google’s technology are immense – from chauffeuring the blind to making our lives generally easier for those that don’t want to fight through traffic each day.