Honda Brings ASIMO Tech to Seniors

Honda Brings ASIMO Tech to Seniors

While Honda is most well known in the world for its automobiles, the company’s portfolio expands well beyond just vehicles. The ASIMO robot has evolved over the years, becoming a noticeable icon for the brand, and Honda is now using some of its technology to aid seniors whose walking ability has declined.

Working with the National Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology (NCGG), Honda will launch its Stride Management Assistance device to help assess elder independence solutions, beginning in late August this year. The lightweight, wearable device is designed to support people with reduced walking ability and the results of the program will be leveraged by the Project to Explore Practical Applications of Service Robots, an initiative of the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO).

The program will operate from the Elder Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Center, and Honda will provide it with 40 Stride Management Assistant devices. Available in three sizes, the devices will be put to use at shopping malls and certain designed walking paths. The data output from the devices will be studied heavily so that Honda can research the applicability of the devices to elder independence solutions.

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  • Joseph

    Hi, i’m a polio (left leg) survivor since age 2, Will greatly appreciate if i can have / buy one even with this initial model. I can also be of help in the continuing research of Honda in its use for polio cases like mine.
    Please let me know how or where i can procure this.

    Joseph B Lim
    LaMiaTazza Coffee
    738 rizal st., OldAlbay District
    Legaspi City. Albay