Infiniti M and G Series Redesign Coming in 2014

Infiniti M and G Series Redesign Coming in 2014

Infiniti is planning some major product refreshes for the 2014 model, with the G series and M flagship both getting new skin, as well as the introduction of a new Leaf-based electric car. 

The Japanese luxury brand has said that all of its newly designed cars will come with a sleek, more refined look, meant to appeal to a younger demographic. The Emerg-E concept foreshadows the design direction of the brand, showing that Infiniti is trying to capture more curves and more fluidity in its appearance.

Also sporting the same fluid-like styling is the new LE, an all-electric luxury sedan based on the Nissan Leaf. The LE will bow in 2014 alongside the G and M, as the first luxury all-electric from a Japanese brand.

  • Rt

    what about the G coupe?

  • Johncarson9113

    The newely redesigned Infiniti G37 sedan comes out next spring of 2013 as a 2014 model. The Infiniti G37 coupe wont follow that debut till another year after the sedan has been introduced. Maybe less then a year after the sedan has been in production. Same goes for the new BMW 3 series coupe aka (4 series) now.

  • Gfisarasota

    looks like a damn hyundai