Koenigsegg Accessory Line: From Scale Models to Teddy Bears

Koenigsegg Accessory Line: From Scale Models to Teddy Bears

Affording a Koenigsegg supercar is probably not in every person’s budget, but passionate fans of the Swedish supercar maker can now scoop themselves up some affordable brand accessories.

The Koenigsegg lifestyle store has launched, offering a variety of lifestyle items from hand-built scale models to cuff links, artwork to clothing. And even if you can’t afford to have a Koenigsegg in your garage, the Koenigsegg-shield keyring would be a fine accessory for any automotive enthusiast.

Much like the supercars that the automaker designs and manufactures, each Koenigsegg-branded accessory upholds the same quality and one would expect from Koenigsegg. Each product sold has been chosen or developed by founder Christian von Koenigsegg. For those that might be a little tight on their money, you might want to loosen up your grip if you’re considering any of these items. Just like their vehicles, many of the accessories are on a limited run basis, so act fast.

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[Source: Koenigsegg Lifestyle via Motor Authority]