Lamborghini Gallardo Final Special Edition Coming

Lamborghini Gallardo Final Special Edition Coming

How fitting that shortly after Lamborghini announced that the Gallardo’s successor would have a much simpler lineup, a European source has confirmed that the Gallardo will get yet another special edition model before the end of this year.

We thought that the last special edition Gallardo we’d see was the Super Trofeo Stradale, before a new era of mid-engine, V10 supercars emerged. The successor to the Gallardo isn’t destined to make an appearance until sometime next year, so the Italian exotic automaker is probably taking advantage of rising Gallardo sales with another limited edition model.

If we had to take a guess? It’d be a variant of the Super Trofeo Stradale, perhaps a rear-wheel drive version or even a convertible. Or perhaps it’ll just be another special edition model for the Chinese market, where its consumers absolutely love the words ‘special’ and ‘limited’.

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[Source: Car and Driver]