Lamborghini Urus, Sesto Elemento Heading to Monterey

Lamborghini Urus, Sesto Elemento Heading to Monterey

Lamborghini just announced that it will bring both the $2.2 million dollar Sesto Elemento track car and the Urus SUV concept to this year’s Monterey Classic Car Week for their North American debuts.

The debut will take place on Friday, August 17 when a host of Lambo execs including CEO Stephan Winkelmann will be on hand to present the cars. The Italian automaker recently opened a new facility specifically for streamlining its production process and building the massively expensive carbon supercar.

Literally translated, “sesto elemento” meants “sixth element,” which on the periodic table is carbon. Despite being a departure from the company’s traditional fighting bull nomenclature, the name is fitting for the car, which uses carbon fiber extensively to achieve a tiny 2,202-lb curb weight. That combined with a 562-hp V10 engine is said to propel the car from 0-60 mph in only 2.5 seconds.

Meanwhile, the Urus SUV concept, which was initially unveiled in Tokyo last April will also be in attendance. Should it be produced, this will mark the company’s first departure from its typecasted cars since the LM002 when it left production in 1993.

In either case, both cars will be on display in North America for the first time next week in Monterey.

  • Mihnea Radu

    I think the Urus was shown in Shanghai, Tokyo is in December, shanghai was in April