Lexus Contemplates Increasing North American Production

Lexus Contemplates Increasing North American Production

Lexus already builds the RX crossover in Canada, but with the rising yen Toyota USA president Jim Lentz is making it clear that more  models are headed for U.S. assembly.

The best-selling Lexus in the States is the ES sedan which has just been redesigned and is already making its way to our dealerships from the factory in Japan. It would as such make an ideal especially since it is based on the Avalon, which is made in America.

Lentz spoke at a Toyota conference on Wednesday, saying “With where the yen is today, I think it’s only a matter of time” before Lexus shifts more production to North America, the United States being emphasized. He also stressed the importance of the team of engineers Toyota employs in Ann Arbor, Mich. that developed the Avalon.

Toyota is also in the midst of transitioning production of American-market Yaris subcompacts from Japan to France. This is following the footsteps of Honda which is selling Chinese-made Fits in Canada.

[Source:Auto News]