Lexus LFA Comes Face-to-Face with LF-LC

Lexus LFA Comes Face-to-Face with LF-LC

The Lexus LF-LC, has just been featured in a video with it’s older brother, the LFA. The meetup occurred at a Lexus test track.

This is the first time that the public has seen the LF-LC moving under its own power. This, along with previous evidence, suggests the car will make it to the real world. Despite its overwhelmingly warm reception, brand boss Mark Templin recently admitted that under the automaker’s recently-bolstered development process the car will take at least until 2016 to produce.

While the car’s pace on the road is best described by a word like “tootling” rather than “galloping”, a concept being able to drive at all, is an indication of how far along the development process it is. Still, that doesn’t mean it’s likely to be around any sooner than Templin suggested because that bolstered policy involves more real-world testing over computer simulations. That doesn’t mean there’s nothing to be gleaned from the video either.

The fact that Lexus still has the car wearing it’s tremendously stunning styling suggests that the production model may indeed be styled in a nearly identical fashion.

Unlikely to be a supercar, the LF-LC is rumored to be a replacement for the departed SC class of large grand touring Lexus coupes and convertibles.

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  • Greg Conrad

    I can see the new IS taking it’s styling cues from this. They have described the new IS as dramatic and revolutionary.

    Do they really need a new SC?

  • Brent Nelson

     woowww!!! what beautiful cars this are !!! I will love to ride on this car .As shows in video we can see this amazing cars. How they ride ? how they looks? This cars rocking like rock and role on the road. Designers had taken a lot of hard work to design the car and color it. Its specification and feature are impressive to any sports car driver…. Thanks for sharing this beautiful and helpful information!!!

  • Tammyz

    NOTHING rides like a Lexus.  NOTHING! I miss my ES300 and can’t wait to have a white convertible or the lf-c, beautiful!!! Well done Lexus!

  • My next car!