Lexus LS Wheels Have Sound-Deadening Hollow Spokes

Lexus LS Wheels Have Sound-Deadening Hollow Spokes

Full-sized luxury cars like the 2013 Lexus LS have interiors isolated from road noise, something the brand took a proactive approach toward by fighting road-noise at the source.

While a dashboard can be stuffed full of sound-deadening material to keep engine noise out, wind and tire roar are a tougher challenge. Lexus is fighting road noise in the new LS flagship with a new wheel that helps minimizes noise. When a car runs over a pothole or an exposed roadbed, heat is created and it expands the air inside the rim. This expansion creates an unpleasant sound. The new Lexus design reduces that frequency of sound through some clever engineering.

Lexus College’s Bill Camp explains the technology, saying “when air expands within the rim, it squeezes through a small channel into one of four or five chambers, depending on whether the rim is 18 or 19 inches.”

[Source: Popular Mechanics]


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