Lincoln Aims at Volume, not Flagship

Lincoln Aims at Volume, not Flagship

Pragmatic in its approach, at least from some angles, Lincoln is aiming to market high-volume vehicles while skipping slow-selling flagship cars.

With choices like its formerly famed body-on-frame Navigator all but forgotten, consumers were quick to usher Lincoln to the edge like the the shuffleboard pucks most of its customers are so fond of these days.

The “old man” image is one the company needs to drop like that generation’s smoking habit. That’s why rather than offering a high-cost flagship like the Mercedes S-Class, it will focus on offering lower-cost, high volume luxury cars.

Similar in strategy to Buick’s plan with the Verano, Lincoln is seeking a younger customer base according to recent reports. While it won’t offer a flagship, the MKZ will remain in the lineup as the closest thing to it while its other remaining cars filter through an update cycle in the coming years.

Lincoln will also offer a luxury crossover in about a year’s time based on the Ford Escape platform called the MKC. That might spawn an interesting vehicle considering the Escape’s fresh style meant for the world market. As is the case with the MKT, power from the EcoBoost engine line could offer plenty of push in what would translate to a better-appointed version of the already-popular crossover.

[Source: Automotive News]