Mercedes A-Class to Hit U.S. Dealers in 2014

Mercedes A-Class to Hit U.S. Dealers in 2014

The new Mercedes A-Class took a radical departure from the original model with its sleek and sporty looking lines, and will be on sale in the U.S. sometime in 2014.

A redesigned interior complements the new exterior look with an iPad like center console, and features such as downloadable iPhone apps that can be controlled through the Mercedes’ integrated infotainment system.

Three four-cylinder gasoline engines will be available on the car, offering 122 hp, 156 hp and 211 hp – though it’s unlikely all will be available in the US. Those engines will be mated to either a 6-speed manual transmission or a new 7-speed dual clutch automatic. Sitting on the MFA platform, the A-Class will also receive a GT mpv-style variant and possibly a small crossover option.

Although it was not confirmed for America at first, the A-Class will come in 2014, and offer some competition for other small luxury vehicles.

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[Source: Auto News]

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  • I rented an A-Class in Germany, but it didn’t look anywhere near this good.

  • I am from Germany – i got mine A 200 friday.. it really ROXX 34MPG in City with 156 HP and 250nM at 2500RPM – really great car !! I love it !!
    It is a complete new A-Class… they created it from WHITE PAPER… nothing same from the old A-Class

  • Domrom

    Are you saying this model as it shown here already exists in Germany….or r u talking about the older A Class which looks like a shrunken B Class.

  • wolverine31

    Yeah, so, uh…file this one under “sh*t that didn’t happen.”