Mercedes Rumored to Pull From F1

Mercedes Rumored to Pull From F1

Rumors are brewing that Mercedes is considering of pulling out of Formula One racing, but for now they’re little more than rumors. 

It would undoubtedly be a shocker if Mercedes no longer participated in Formula One racing, but Dodge recently pulled out of NASCAR, so anything is a possibility. In previous times, Daimler board members have called for the German automaker to quit Formula One, especially due to its high cost to run a competitive team.

But what is sparking the rumors is the new Concorde Agreement, which Ferrari, McLaren, and Red Bull are already a part of, but Mercedes has yet to sign. It appears that Mercedes is not happy with what the agreement entails, which mainly gives preferential treatment to vested teams and also places them on the parent company’s board.

There’s a good chance that Mercedes could play more of a support role, while the AMG team campaigns on the track, which is also supported by the fact that the name has been switched from “Mercedes AMG Petronas F1” to simply “AMG F1” for next season.

If there’s ever any evidence that Mercedes would never pull out of Formula One is the fact that Bernie Ecclestone “very much” doubts Mercedes will ever leave F1. Of course we all know that Ecclestone’s word is as good as gold.

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