Mini JCW GP Makes Appearance at Pebble Beach

Mini JCW GP Makes Appearance at Pebble Beach

Sitting among the collector cars, classics and one-offs this weekend was the upcoming MINI John Cooper Works GP.

This is the first time that the JCW GP has been seen in person, and the next opportunity will be at the official reveal at the Paris Motor Show.

This anticipated MINI has quite the reputation behind it, and is slated to be the fastest Mini ever built. It will be limited by only 2,000 models globally, which only adds to the GP’s allure. The GP is also capable of lapping the Nurburgring in an impressive time of 8:23.

The new JCW GP is expected to put out more power than the 214-hp that the normal JCW MINI Cooper has, and features a full body aero kit including a rear diffuser and a carbon fiber rear spoiler. The car’s powertrain is exclusive and compliments the new brakes and special chassis to handle a track.

Take a look at the fully gallery of the MINI JCW GP Below:



  • JustAnObserver

    Bit of a waste IMO…..Pebble Beach crowd probably could care less about the New GP, let alone even know what the hell a MINI even is….

    Time for MINI to kick it up to second gear in the Marketing Department and begin an understanding of the actual demographics of buyer for their own products……

  • There was at least 20 of every exotic car model there but only ONE 2013 Mini GP.  Mini’s marketing got it right.  How could you think a bunch of car enthusiast (even the filthy rich) not know what a Mini is?  I have had several cars on display on the green and I was thrilled to see the fast tiny BMW make it’s debut!  There are thousands of pics of this particular one off on car forums.  YOU need to start understanding that real car enthusiast welcome any car debut, no matter the price tag.