Mitsubishi Mirage Still Being Considered for US Market

Mitsubishi Mirage Still Being Considered for US Market

Think the new Mitsubishi Mirage is too small for the American market? The Japanese automaker is contemplating that question right now, mulling over whether or not to bring its sub-compact hatchback stateside.

On one hand, the compact Mirage is a much-needed addition to Mitsubishi’s weak lineup in America; on the other hand, its plain styling in an already saturated market could result in poor sales. The Japanese automaker hopes to sell 200,000 of its compact hatchbacks this fiscal year when it starts going on sale at the end of this month in Japan. Other markets for the new Mirage include Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Powered by a 1.0-liter, three-cylinder engine, the Mirage is rated at the equivalent of 64 mpg on Japan’s testing cycle and Mitsubishi claims it is Japan’s most fuel efficient gasoline car. We expect a more conservative figure if it ever received an EPA rating, but its pricing is also another deterrent. In Japan, it’ll be priced at around $12,500 – but clearly if it made it over to America it would have to be lower to compare with the likes of the Nissan Versa and the Chevrolet Spark.

“I’ve heard some market voices say this kind of car would sell well,” said Mitsubishi President Osamu Masuko. “But we’re still assessing whether Americans will accept it.”

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[Source: Automotive News]

  • bring the mirage back over here already Mitsubishi. 

    and while you are at it bring back the Starion. think about it rwd drift-able, it would compete well with the scion could call it the starion evolution. maybe the next evolution for Mitsubishi motors will emerge in the drifting world, man that would be cool since they already have a viable 4b11 power plant, and the know how to build high quality power-trains.Mitsubishi fans have been deprived of sporty rwd powered Mitsubishi’s in the u.s.a since 1989.maybe the replacement for the eclipse will be the Starion I know i’d be interested in buying one if it ever came here.