Nine Cars Discontinued for 2013

Nine Cars Discontinued for 2013

3. Mitsubishi Eclipse

The Mitsubishi Eclipse has really lost a lot of its luster in recent years and the Japanese automaker ceased production on its sports car model back in August of last year. It’s a sad ending to a sports car that was immensely popular back in the late 90s when it came equipped with a turbocharged 4G63. Sadly in an age where every automaker is finding a way to turbocharged their powerplants, Mitsubishi has allowed its Eclipse to fade away into the darkness.

  • ACarKid

    is the Grand Caravan going to have the same features as the town and country? I thought they would keep the town and country and get rid of the grand caravan, the town and country is more luxerious

  • lamet4556

    Look features are important but comfortable while driving is also important Grand Caravan has the smooth driving than townand country.
    Even chassis fir town is too weak.