Nine Cars Discontinued for 2013

Nine Cars Discontinued for 2013

2. Volvo C70

The end of the Volvo C70 model was announced last year, marking the end of the Swedish automaker’s attempt at selling a convertible model. The C70 was introduced onto the market back in 2006 and never caught on, seemingly out of place in Volvo’s traditional sedan lineup of safe and sturdy vehicles. That’s probably why it’s no surprise that Volvo has no plans of building a successor.

  • ACarKid

    is the Grand Caravan going to have the same features as the town and country? I thought they would keep the town and country and get rid of the grand caravan, the town and country is more luxerious

  • lamet4556

    Look features are important but comfortable while driving is also important Grand Caravan has the smooth driving than townand country.
    Even chassis fir town is too weak.