Pikes Peak Hill Climb World Record Set by Rhys Millen

Pikes Peak Hill Climb World Record Set by Rhys Millen

Rhys Millen set a new world record at the Pikes Peak Hill Climb this year, scaling the mountain in his modified Hyundai Genesis Coupe in just 9:46.164.

Increasing the car’s grip took a lot of work by the Rhys Millen Racing team this year to help the car stick to the newly installed tarmac course. A full body aero kit was installed, as well as new ultra-wide Hankook F200 racing slicks on custom HRE lightweight wheels. A larger wing was added for extra down force and the front splitter was redesigned for more strength. The same Genesis Coupe race car set the world record last year in the time attack two-wheel drive category with Rhys’ father, Rod Millen at the wheel.

Engine wise, the Genesis Coupe uses a V6 power plant outfitted with a Garrett GTX3582 turbocharger that yields 700 hp and 700 lb-ft or torque. To cope with the power, the brake calipers were upgraded to handle extra heat, and additional cooling duct work was installed to optimize brake performance at high altitudes.

Watch Rhys Millen testing for the race in the video below.

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