Pikes Peak Racer Survives Wicked Crash – Video

Pikes Peak Racer Survives Wicked Crash – Video

Jeremy Foley, driver of a 560-hp Mitsubishi Evolution had some bad luck this past weekend at the Pikes Peak hill climb, when he and his co-driver Yuri Kouznetsov flew off course.

From the video footage, it looks like he simply underestimated the angle of the turn, and came into it too hot. Once he was off the tarmac, gravity took over, and a long tumble down the mountain side follows.

Luckily, both driver and co-driver were unharmed, as Jeremy Foley released a statement online saying, “…Yuri and I are ok. A little beaten up but nothing major. Thank you so much to everyone for the kindness and support! What a wonderful feeling to feel so loved!”

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