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 |  Aug 01 2012, 9:01 AM

How good would that new Porsche 911 look in your driveway? One Canadian Porsche dealer is taking matters into its own hands to help answer that question for prospective clients with a guerrilla marketing tactic that verges on creepy.

Marketing agency Lowe Roche, working for Pfaff Porsche in Toronto, Canada has taken the unique move of driving around nearby affluent neighborhoods and parking a shiny new 911 Carrera S in their driveway. Making it look as though the Porsche is pulling out of the driveway, the agency snaps a photo, processes it and then prints it out, adding the words, “It’s closer than you think.” The postcard is then tossed into the home owner’s mailbox where they are inevitably surprised when they pull it out.

Reportedly 32 percent of the people that received the postcard went ahead and visited the website according to Lowe Roche, but that could be for other reasons, like to determine who to file a complaint against. According to the agency though, no one has called to complain… yet.

Unfortunately no Porsches have actually been sold yet thanks to the campaign. We’ll let you be the judge of how you’d react if this campaign came to your doorsteps, literally.

[Source: The Star]