Porsche Secret Warehouse Collection Shown in Video

Porsche Secret Warehouse Collection Shown in Video

Until very recently it was impossible to see Porsche’s entire car collection at once because of limited storage space, but now the company has a facility capable of housing its 505-vehicle library and then some. 

Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean you can see them, or almost anyone for that matter, in their new home. Stashed away in a secret location in some Stuttgart suburb, Porsche has a massive climate controlled storage facility that serves as a hub for its cars between shows and events. The family includes special side  projects performed for other companies like Lada, and even a family car for the Chinese market.

Now, the automaker is releasing a multi-part series that gives a glimpse behind the scenes in the facility, which Porsche Archive Museum chief Dieter Landenberger simply says is not a public place. In the clip below you see the first production Porsche 911 Turbo, which was a birthday gift to Louise Piëch, daughter of Ferdinand Porsche in 1973.

Part two will have even more pieces of Porsche history including a convertible 928 prototype and a bulletproof 996.

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