Queen Seeks New ‘Jeeves:’ Job Posting

Queen Seeks New ‘Jeeves:’ Job Posting

If you have a taste for watercress tea sandwiches and a tolerance for an old lady with lots of dogs, there’s a job waiting for you in England provided you have a full U.K. driver’s license and a clean record.

That job? Acting as a chauffeur for members of the royal family, shuttling them from one event to the next. You will probably get to drive some spectacular cars as part of the gig, but don’t expect to be paid very much. The starting salary translates to about $36,000 USD, which surprisingly is reflected in the qualifications.

As previously mentioned, you need a driver’s license and a clean record. Other than that, the description doesn’t look all that different from a McDonald’s application. You will have to work well in a small team, be committed to maintaining high standards and an ability to act with diplomacy and tact when necessary. In other words, nobody stupid enough to spit and curse in front of royalty.

The description gets even funnier, though. You also should have strong email skills to get the job, because that’s a common gap in resumes these days. It also says professional driving experience would be an advantage.


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