Red Bull F1 Car Plays the Star-Spangled Banner – Video

Red Bull F1 Car Plays the Star-Spangled Banner – Video

Independence Day is already a month past, but the Red Bull Racing Team is still feeling plenty patriotic. Infiniti and the Red Bull Racing Team took its full-operating Formula 1 show car out to New York, where it did its own rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner.

Possibly one of the most clever things ever done with a race car, the Formula One showcar was linked to a laptop which controlled the engine speed in order to rev its way through the national anthem. And of course, there was no better place to do it than in New York’s Liberty Park, with The Statue of Liberty looking on.

If only it could make an appearance at the Super Bowl – at the very least, then we’ll know the national anthem would be sung correctly.

Watch a video of the Red Bull Racing F1 showcar in action below.

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  • Peter

    Why does Red Bull think this is new.In 2006 Willams Racing tuned their Renault F1 car to play 3 tunes.Queens ” We are the Champions” (which they were that year) The French National Anthem “Le Marseillaise” and the British “God Save the Queen” So sorry Red Bull,you are about 6 years behind the times

  • Style Man