Redesigned Range Rover Expected at Paris

Redesigned Range Rover Expected at Paris

Big changes are one the way in the near future for Land Rover, including aluminum architecture sourced from the Jaguar XJ for the Range Rover line.

With an embarrassing 12 years behind the current BMW-built platform, it’s high time the line made a switch. The result of that swap is expected to show up this September at the Paris Motor Show with a curb weight some 600 lbs lighter than the current version. That weight loss will help fuel economy, though not as much as the plug-in hybrid model planned for the new Range Rover’s release will be when it arrives in 2013 or 2014.

Those looking for a larger vehicle will probably be pleased to learn that there will also be a long wheelbase version of the new Range Rover

Of course, that also means there will be new versions of the Range Rover Sport debuting at the same time with the same underpinnings – also with a hybrid version possible in 2014.

Meanwhile, the redesigned Defender isn’t expected for non-U.S. markets until 2015. Sale in the States is still uncertain though there is a chance Land Rover will sell a smaller, more stripped down variant to compete with the MINI Countryman.

[Source: Automotive News]