Rolls-Royce Boss Wants More Models to Boost Sales

Rolls-Royce Boss Wants More Models to Boost Sales

Rolls-Royce brand boss Torsten Müller-Ötvös wants more models in the automaker’s range, but the very notion almost counteracts what makes the bespoke brand so exclusive.

More than extra models, he wants to see the brand break its life-long glass ceiling. Last year, Rolls sold 3,538 cars, which broke its previous record set in 1978, but by less than a 200 car margin. Now, the CEO is searching for a strategy to break the yet-unattained 4,000 vehicle mark.

Müller-Ötvös made it clear that Rolls-Royce will never chase volume sales, but that he does intent to grow the brand by at least the 13 percent it would take to break that barrier.

In fact, the company is probably better poised than ever to do it, at least if growth in 2011 is any indication.  Sales grew by 31 percent last year, thanks in no small part to Chinese demand, which outstripped American hunger for upper crust cars.

Of that demand, most orders were for the Ghost, which is probably why Müller-Ötvös thinks a Ghost coupe and other offshoots of the model range might make for better sales. The trouble is, Rolls-Royce clients might not be interested in having choices about their cars made for them. The brand’s very nature is to offer individual customization per order.

The high-performance Ghost-based coupe is already said to be headed for Geneva next March, which begs the question: Will there be even more new models?

[Source: AutoCar]