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 |  Aug 02 2012, 3:02 PM

Rolls-Royce went to its customer base for guidance on whether or not they would be interested in a diesel model, and the response was a resounding ‘no’. 

While a diesel can offer more torque and added fuel economy, it does not exactly fit with the Rolls-Royce philosophy of quiet, refined and high-powered. A Rolls-Royce source told AutoCar, “customers are not going to cop it. It’s the perception of compromise. They wouldn’t entertain the idea. They said absolutely not, don’t bring diesel anywhere near a Rolls-Royce, we won’t buy it.”

When pressed about a possible SUV to compete with new entrants from Bentley and possibly Aston Martin, the Rolls-Royce insider said that an SUV is not being considered now, and likely never will. Rolls-Royce does not want to be a volume automaker, and therefore will not look to build a vehicle that sells in high numbers.

[Source: Auto Car]