Suzuki Crossover Concept Teased for Paris

Suzuki Crossover Concept Teased for Paris

Despite struggling outside the kei car segment, which it does very well in, Suzuki will debut a crossover concept at the upcoming Paris Motor Show in September.

Called the S-Cross, Suzuki’s C-segment crossover is peeking out into the world in sketch form. The company says it embodies an “Emotion x Quality x Aerodynamics” design theme that can be seen in the sweeping lines that start with the car’s nose and continue to the rear.

With the SX4 looking old in its lineup, Suzuki is hurting for something to replace or at least supplement one of the most popular segments in the U.S. market. Given that, it would make sense to bring the concept stateside, though information on plans for the vehicle isn’t available yet.

The second teaser photo, however, shows a headlight with LEDs and a much more modern look than the company’s current offering. Comparing the sketch above with pictures of the current SX4, the S-Cross looks like a crunched down version with updated styling cues.

More details will be available during Suzuki’s press conference where the entire model range will be represented.