Targa Newfoundland may be Disrupted by Health Canada

Targa Newfoundland may be Disrupted by Health Canada

Remember last years Targa Newfoundland mishap with Zahir Rana and his modified Ferrari Enzo careening into the Marystown river? Rana is now being blamed for another mishap that may hinder the progress of this years Targa Newfoundland.

During the race, Rana was sporting a historic Ferrari race-suit worn originally by Rubens Barachello. Barachello’s vintage suit is decked out in Marlboro logos, a reminder of the times when cigarette companies advertised on race-cars.

These days, Canada deems it illegal to promote tobacco products. Therefore Rana, in his vintage racing suit with Marlboro logos, was in breach of Sect. 24 of the Tobacco Act. The Canadian act states “no person may display a tobacco product-related brand element or the name of a tobacco manufacturer in a promotion that is used, directly or indirectly, in the sponsorship of a person, entity, event, or permanent facility.”

Wheels.ca’s blog is reporting that Targa president Bob Giannou has received telephone calls in the past weeks, as well as a letter from a Health Canada official to inform him “of current prohibitions regarding the promotion of tobacco products.”

It seems, even if the product is used in a historical reference, and not as a promotional tool, that it is still illegal. During Targa Newfoundland’s ten-year run, it has never had a relationship with a tobacco company. Targa also claims that no organizers or competitors have had any sort of promotional ties with tobacco companies.

Targa Newfoundland says that it will co-operate with Health Canada’s investigation, but there is a concern that this investigation could disrupt this year’s event, which starts Sept. 8 and runs to Sept. 15.

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[Source: Wheels.ca, CBC.ca]

  • Johnny Tightlips

    Typical Canadians, ruining everyones fun.

  • Acha_larka

    Very poorly written with plenty of spelling mistakes, such as repeatedly referring to the driver as Bana (its Rana) and even calling the event Targo. Drinking must have started early this Friday in the office, lol.